Friday, June 1, 2007

Dayton Public Schools

I have one question, which up until now no one has answered. Why is it that the Dayton School Board cannot educate our students to the same levels as Oakwood City Schools when Dayton receives twice as much per student to do so than Oakwood from the State of Ohio?


Anonymous said...

I believe it is because the level of involvement of parents in the City of Dayton does not generally compare to that of Oakwood. Parental involvement is many times a stronger indicator of a child's success than the school and/or teachers. There are many behavioral problems in Dayton schools, which make it more difficult to teach even the well-behaved students.

Gary said...

Dayton also has a higher proportion of special needs children which raises the cost. The big shocker is that while it costs $11,000 a year per child in DPS it costs $6000 to send a child to private school. A private school does a better job at almost half the cost. If people in Oakwood would move to Dayton and send their kids to private school, the cost will never equal what they pay in interest on a 30 year mortgage for their smaller than Dayton sized house!