Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sherwin Williams Paint Discounts

Up to 20% discount now avail at your neighborhood Sherwin Williams Store

Sherwin Williams now offers a discount to good neighbors and a yearly rebate to our neighborhood organization.

St. Anne's Hill now has established an account at all Sherwin Williams store.
(the closest one is at 70 Walnut St, north off E 5th nr Wayne)

Just tell 'em you are from St. Anne's Hilll and you will recieve 20% off any regulaly priced merchandise and 5% off any sale item.

Then once a year a check will be sent to St.Anne's for 3% of the total sales for the previous year !

Special cards are being prepared by Sherwin Williams now, however if you can't wait and want
to start on that project today the will still give you the discount just for the mention.

The card should be available at our monthly meetings.

Happy Painting !

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


At least 3 neighbors here on 4th Street heard a big whoomp-like bang this morning at approx 7:15.
Anyone else hear it, and/or know where it originated?
~Craig on 4th

Denny has the scoop, see his comment! Here is a picture of the Whoomp!


Friday, February 9, 2007

Neighborhood Watch

I work unusual hours and walk my dogs through the neighborhood as late as midnight or 1 a.m., so I get to see many things day folks may not: Just in the past 8 weeks, I've called the PD to report one vagrant asleep on the park bench at McLain and Keowee; another facedown on the gazebo benches at Henry & McLain; one sprawled on the front step of 101 McClure; and prowlers in the alley behind McClure. Each time, the PD responded within 15 minutes.
And I'm just one person: Imagine what we could do if we cared enough about our safety and property to organize ourselves?

Although a Dayton PD rep attends most of our meetings, an officer told me that Twin Towers and the O District get more respect and attention from the PD because their homeowner organizations are active and mobilized and serious about crime prevention: they don't just wait to be victimized, and complain.

I'm told that the PD offers training on how to create effective Neighborhood Watch groups. If anyone is interested in really solving problems, perhaps we could pursue this.

Rosemary Grant

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Another Cool Link About SAH

Our friend who does all the research brought the following link to our attention. This one is about the corner stores in and near St. Anne's Hill.

Snow and Sidewalks - Statement & Rebuttal

SAH Cynthia Schaefer wrote:> My understanding of the situation, since hardly any of the businesses downtown, or the City, ever shovel the sidewalk for the pedestrians, is that as far as civil negligence goes in Ohio, the precedent is that (1) everyone in Ohio knows that it snows and freezes in the winter; (2) it is up to the individual as to whether they choose to take the risk of walking outside in winter weather; (3) should an individual slip and fall on a sidewalk or entrance because of NORMAL snow or ice accumulation, there is no negligence on the part of the property owner; (4) the only time there is negligence on the part of the property owner is when there is an UNNATURAL accumulation of snow or ice, due to something the property owner has done or has not done. EXAMPLE: Your property has defective gutters which drip water onto the entrance of your house or establishment, and this water freezes into ice and causes a hazard. You would be liable for any injuries sustained as a result of this.

Otherwise, unless you go out of your way to CREATE a hazard, or you do not do what a reasonable prudent person would do to REDUCE or PREVENT a hazard, you are not at legal risk.
Cindy Schaefer

Cindy, I don't know how you say "most" don't clear their walks Downtown, I'd say it's quite the opposite, they almost ALL clear them right away. You may have trouble crossing the street due to the piles from plows, but the walks are clear and salted almost without exception. In fact the walks are often better than the streets. Anyone else Downtown care to support this?-Denny

Friday, February 2, 2007

SAH Social

The next social event will be Game Night on February 3, 2007 at 7:00pm.

This will take place at Joe Mercer's home at 26 High St. Keep an eye out for the flyer and start thinking of games that you can bring to share. This will be a bring-a-dish event and drinks will be provided by your social committee.

As always, ice is provided by Dayton's Original Pizza Factory, so don't forget to show your support by ordering your favorite pizza from them. Their number is 224-4477. Your Social Chairs, Rebecca Manger 304-9634 and Chris Sidner 227-3490 Don't hesitate to call one of us if you would like to open your home for a St. Anne's Social Event.