Sunday, June 24, 2007


Immediate concerns:

On Thursday June 21, Tom Allen met with ODOT Engineer David Ley. The following is what came out of that meeting:

Preliminary info indicates we may qualify for sound barrier walls provided by state funding. We will need to submit a petition signed by residents living no further that 600ft from Rt35. The petition, if accepted, would qualify St. Anne's for "sound study." After that the petition would be placed in competition with other neighborhoods applying across the state. The neighborhoods with the most need would qualify to have the barriers installed. At this time I have no idea how long this process would take. That is one of many questions that we are seeking answers to. David Ley believes we may qualify to be in the running for these sound barrier walls. (The sound walls in Huber Heights along I-70, were obtained this way)

1. Plant full size evergreen trees to replace those destroyed by ODOT along the off-ramp.
Trees would be on hold pending the outcome of the petition for sound walls, however some funding for landscaping is possible.

2. Move the large sign to the other side of the ramp and further back so people exiting can see it before they are at the end of the ramp.
Mr. Ley advises that the sign will be moved to the other side of the exit ramp, away from Josie St.! Completion date of this project to be determined.

3. Reseed area between sidewalk and Keowee Street from off-ramp north.
The construction in this area is not complete, but will be addressed.

4. Reseed area torn up by the introduction of new light pole at the pocket park at McLain & Josie.
The construction in this area is not complete, but will be addressed.

5. Replace fence at the McClure St Bridge.
The breaks in the fence at Josie and McClure will be secured , also the sidewalk ramps will be made ADA accessible

6. Remove aggregate left at McClure and Josie at the bridge.
This will be done.

7. Reseed the corners at the McClure St Bridge.
This will be done.

8. Replant the traffic island at McClure & Josie Streets & replace limestone blocks.
Traffic island has been replanted

9. ODOT officials committed to being responsive to neighbor requests re dust

The phone number for Kokosing is 223-3861, for dust & excessive noise complaints
If complaint not addressed contact ODOT Field Office at 223-4401

10. Commitment to follow up as soon as two weeks.
First meeting held 2 days ! After Town Hall meeting

Long Term items discussed:

Determine who conducts sounds studies and investigate the feasibility of sound wall barriers.
As stated above, we will begin the process soon.

Supply information on possible EPA hazards created by construction and how to correct those hazards. This is the RAPCA - Regional Air Pollution Control Agency )
Need a volunteer to investigate and make contact. Call Tom at 623-4788 to volunteer.
-Tom Allen

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