Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still a Beacon


St. Mary Catholic Church is just 'round the corner from our St. Anne's Hill neighborhood on Xenia Avenue. This weekend, they are celebrating their 150th anniversary. The Dayton Daily News just published a great piece about the church.

Here are a few lines about it's place in Dayton's history:
A century and a half ago, Xenia Avenue was known as “Dutch Boulevard” for the German Catholic immigrants who settled in near East Dayton and founded its brand-new parish, St. Mary.In 1906, they built a magnificent Romanesque church that 70 years later would grace the National Register of Historic Places.

St. Mary was built in 1906 by Dayton’s Requarth Lumber Co. for $127,951.60 — less than the average suburban home of today. Its current replacement value is about $30 million...
Like many churches, they are facing financial challenges...
Deeper cleaning, like refinishing the bronze communion gates and resurfacing the marble holy water basins, will have to wait until the parish can raise more money. The congregation already has spent $60,000 over the last two years, and will spend that much again, for repairs needed prior to repainting the interior and original frescoes, a project estimated at between $350,000 and $500,000.
Please read the article and take a moment to learn more about our shared history. There is no doubt that many of the residents of St. Anne's Hill have taken refuge in this church over the last 150 years.


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