Friday, July 31, 2009

New Addition

new addition to the neighborhood? Yesterday, the City of Dayton Landmarks Commission reviewed a proposed addition to the home at 40 High Street. By unanimous vote, they approved the homeowner's plan to convert a portion of their back porch into a new bathroom.

The addition will be built by Beaver-Vu Construction from Beavercreek. They are best known for new home construction, but apparently will do small jobs like this as well. The exterior of the new addition will match the rest of the house.

The Landmarks Commission helps maintain the integrity of Dayton's historic neighborhoods. It consists of citizen volunteers who review situations like this to make sure that any changes to the historic buildings are appropriate to the neighborhood.

This is more proof that people are still investing in St. Anne's Hill! The only question is.... will it be done in time for the Christmas tour?


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