Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As a reminder, please submit your membership dues! For only $6, you can support a full year's worth of activities with the St. Anne's Hill Historic Society. This includes social events, public gardens, and neighborhood improvement projects.

Here is what our organization's constitution says:

ARTICLE 4 A. There shall be three classes of memberships:
1) Voting Member
2) Associate Member (non-voting)
3) Business Member

B. Definition of Voting Member:
Voting memberships are open to any individuals interested in the goals and principles of the Society, who reside in or own property in St. Anne's Hill and whose dues are current. Each voting member shall be entitled to one vote.

C. Definition of Associate Member:
Any individual interested in the goals and principles of the Society who is not a resident or owner in St. Anne's Hill.

D. Definition of Business Member:
Any firm or corporation in or adjacent to St. Anne's Hill interested in the goals and aims of the Society and whose dues are current. Business Member may be chief executive officer, owner, or designated representative and is entitled to one vote.

For more information or to submit your payment, please contact Fred or one of the Board members.

And thank you for your support!


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