Friday, April 27, 2012

New Life for Bomberger

News release from the City of Dayton....

"The City of Dayton has agreed to sell the Bomberger Center (1306 E. Fifth St.) to the Ahiska Turkish American Community Center of Dayton, following the signing of a purchase agreement on Wednesday, April 25.
The 22,276-sq.-ft. structure, constructed in 1956, will be used as a multi-purpose community center for education, recreation and community services for the Ahiska Turkish community and others. Some of the services to be offered will include English as Second Language (ESL) and citizenship classes.

The Ahiska Turkish American Community Center of Dayton is a non-profit organization serving Dayton’s Ahiska Turkish community, an immigrant community estimated to include 350 families. The community began settling in Dayton in 2005.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Ahiska Turkish American Community Center agrees to a purchase price of $831,000, an amount that will be forgiven over a 10-year period if the organization continues to operate and maintain the building as agreed. Under the agreement, the facility will remain as a community center.
The Ahiska Center, through the grants it received from the Turkish Government, is committing $45,000 to short-term repairs of the building’s entrance walkways and stairs, and will set aside an additional $50,000 for possible future major repairs. The Turkish Government has also expressed its continued commitment to the operation and upkeep of the Center. The group is expected to begin moving into the facility shortly."


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