Sunday, January 1, 2012

Census Data

Happy New Year!  The results of the 2010 Census are rolling in!   Although the "big picture" numbers were released last year, the detailed local numbers are still coming out.  The St. Anne's Hill Historic District is almost entirely represented by one Census Tract Block Group - Dayton Tract 19, Block Group 2.  

Unfortunately, the east side of McClure Street is left out and a few homes from the Huffman Historic District on Terry Street are included instead.   However, some people have suggested that the southern block of Terry Street should've been part of St. Anne's Hill anyway, so maybe it all balances out in the end.

So the numbers are not a completely accurate representation of our neighborhood, but it is pretty close.   Here's what we found so far....

Residents: 632
Males: 335  (53%)
Females: 297 (47%)
Children (both male and female): 121  (19%)

Median age: 36
Median male age: 37
Median female age: 35

White/Caucasian: 547 (87%)
Black/African-American: 40 (6%)
Mixed race: 24 (4%)
Other (such as Hispanic or Pacific Islander): 16  (3%)
Asian: 4 (1%)
Native American: 1 (>1%)

Households: 293
Family households: 134 (46%)
Non-family households: 159 (54%)
Average family household size: 3
Average non-family household size: 2
Owner-occupied units: 161 (55%)
Rental units: 132 (45%)

* Note: Family is defined by the Census Bureau as two or more people related by birth, marriage, or adoption - but does not include same-sex couples.   

The numbers for things like employment, education, and income have not been released yet.   We will try to post those numbers when they are available, but it should go without saying that St. Anne's Hill continues to be an attractive, diverse, and inclusive community.    We welcome everyone to our neighborhood!


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