Monday, April 6, 2009

Most Metro


I've been meaning to recommend some of the great local blogs around Dayton, but it looks like DaytonMostMetro has it pretty well covered. Check out their great list of Dayton Blogs. They were kind enough to include us on their list.

The MostMetro site has been doing a great job of leading the ongoing discussion about the Dayton region, including where we have been and where we are going. Their membership includes business leaders, investors, students, homemakers, and even a few city officials. Truly, this is a diverse group of people who are passionate about our great city.

There's lots of original content, too.
This page gives a nice introduction to the concept of a "Greater Downtown" area, which includes our neighborhood and many of the other historic districts.
Their latest article looks at the state of education in Downtown Dayton.

So thanks to the gang at MostMetro for thinking of St. Anne's Hill!
Let's keep the conversation going and highlight all the great things happening in Dayton.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for the post and link back to us! We also have your neighborhood represented with its own page that includes an interactive map and a feed to your blog:

And thanks to everybody who has been contributing to DMM!