Monday, April 7, 2008


This saturday, our Spring Cleaning volunteers were suprised to find graffiti at several spots along Josie Street, in the south end of St. Anne's Hill. Unfortunately, this was not the first attack and it seems to be a growing trend in our community. Several buildings along Fifth Street have also been "tagged" in recent weeks as well.

Here are three photos of the latest crimes (click for larger size):

Other neighborhoods, like Walnut Hills, have been dealing with this issue, too. Some of these same designs have been spotted along Wayne Avenue. So it appears that this was not a first-time offense. The feminine handwriting seen above suggests that at least one of the perpetrators is most likely a young woman.

If you have ANY information about these incidents, please contact the Dayton Police at 333-COPS (non-emergency line) as soon as possible. Calls to the DPD found that the dipatchers require the property owner to make the report.

So if you are a vicitim/witness of graffiti or any other crime, please make sure to contact the Police and provide as much detail as you can. The more information they have, the better they will be able to respond. So to borrow a phase, call early and call often.

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