Friday, February 9, 2007

Neighborhood Watch

I work unusual hours and walk my dogs through the neighborhood as late as midnight or 1 a.m., so I get to see many things day folks may not: Just in the past 8 weeks, I've called the PD to report one vagrant asleep on the park bench at McLain and Keowee; another facedown on the gazebo benches at Henry & McLain; one sprawled on the front step of 101 McClure; and prowlers in the alley behind McClure. Each time, the PD responded within 15 minutes.
And I'm just one person: Imagine what we could do if we cared enough about our safety and property to organize ourselves?

Although a Dayton PD rep attends most of our meetings, an officer told me that Twin Towers and the O District get more respect and attention from the PD because their homeowner organizations are active and mobilized and serious about crime prevention: they don't just wait to be victimized, and complain.

I'm told that the PD offers training on how to create effective Neighborhood Watch groups. If anyone is interested in really solving problems, perhaps we could pursue this.

Rosemary Grant


Anonymous said...

Great idea Rosemary! Are you going to head up the Neighborhood Watch group for St. Anne's?

Been There, Done That!

Donna Wray said...

Hi Rosemary...

I'm interested in knowing what actions the Dayton PD take when a homeless person is reported, such as the three you called about.

Do they actively aid in finding them a place to sleep that particular night or do they just insist they "move on"?

I am certainly not an advocate for the homeless sleeping anyplace they choose...however, what exactly bothered you about the two who were sleeping on the park and gazebo benches?

Seems to me, YOU could have just "moved on".

Perhaps sleeping is their only escape...their only happiness they encounter each day. Perhaps their dreams are just as sweet as those who lay their heads on feather pillows in nice, warm, loving homes.

Just my opinion...we are all so blessed to have freedom of speech.

Donna Wray

Anonymous said...

Heads Up on another Car Break In. . .

Our truck was broken in last night, the window on the passenger side completely shattered.

I discovered it this morning, Monday February 12 on my way out to run errands.

The only thing taken was the car registration. We contacted police and filed a report.

The truck was parked on Josie between McClure and the alley behind McClure - we live on the corner of McClure and Josie.

Did anyone see anything suspicious last night?

This is the 4th break in for us and we have owned this house for less than a year.

I have had street lights put in the front yard with a motion detector, in the backyard that stay on all night and motion detector lights at the garage.

We also have an alarm, and I am not sure of what else to do.

Rosemary, thank you so much for reporting about the prowlers in the alley.

Also, does anyone know who I would contact to get the sign saying No Parking or Delivery that is in front of my house. We have already gotten to parking tickets, one for parking a little in that space in front of my house, and one for parking across the street on McClure and I was too close to the stop sign. Alas, welcome to the neighborhood.

pubgirl said...

I cannot remember my password and that is why the previous comment said anonymous. I am Scarlett Ellis at 152 McClure, I should have put that in the post.

pubgirl said...

Thanks Keith for the number to contact, we called this morning and they called back. So, it is in the works. Said they would have to figure out where the sign was.

P.S. I have been looking for a watchdog, maybe a Rottweiler and would like to rescue one, I check the web sites almost daily for Sicsa and the animal shelter, so far, no luck - any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Scarlett, I hope there's no kids in your home or anywhere in the neighborhood if you're planning on purchasing a rotweiller.
Seems like you've done almost as much as you can to protect your property.
Have you tried posting a sign in your window (BEWARE OF DOG) even if you don't have one?
Or, putting stickers in your window that you have a security system?
Do you have an alarm on your truck?And, don't keep anything in your vehicle that someone can see, not even a penny!
Finally, if I had lived there for only a year and had 4 break-ins, I'd be moving!!!
Also, you need to ask yourself "why" someone would want your registration. What value it might be to them, etc. You know, the "motive" angle.

pubgirl said...

We have the alarm stickers in the window, and no, there is no alarm on the truck - it is 13 years old. I actually took the garage door opener out of the truck 2 days before the window was broken out. I don't put my garage door opener in my car anymore, carry it in my purse.

I have no choice but to stay here right now, we have a business down the street and it is working quite well for my husband, who just got out of the hospital on Sunday, he is diabetic and being so close to the business has helped him.

I actually like it here also, I like living downtown, being in a historic district - having the house finished, it is just darling and we are happy in the house.

I should have prefaced that the first 3 break ins were while the house was being finished, and I believe the contractor was involved in the 3rd break in but can't prove it.

There are no small children in the house, but your point is well taken and I like the idea of putting the sign up.

Thanks for commenting . . .

BobbieP said...


I did a search on for rottweilers and this is what I got:
There is a bunch out there.

BTW, we have two labs and have had them since we've lived in SAH. We've never had any breakins or trespassing into our yard. I believe just the presence of any large dog that barks is enough to make the potential breakin go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Question for Ms Grant,
How do you know that the people you saw in the alley on McClure were *prowlers* as you called them? Was it because they were out at midnight or 1:00am? Well, so were you!

2 on LaBelle said...

Thanks Rosemary for reporting suspicious characters to the police. If the individuals reported are not breaking the law they have nothing to fear. I for one don't like vagrants sleeping in our streets. Don't forget they also need to use the restroom and I'd prefer it not be next to our garage. As for prowlers, again if they are not doing anything wrong the police are not going to haul them in.

I for one would be willing to hear how a neighborhood watch can be established. I would like to be able to sell our home someday and not take a great amount of loss.

RosemaryG said...

So many interesting comments to which to respond! In chronological order, here goes:

To anonymous: If you will kindly extend us the courtesy of identifying yourself, I'll happily return the courtesy of discussing neighborhood issues with you.

To Donna: Since each of the nights in question was forecast to reach below-freezing temperatures, one of my concerns was that the individuals live to see the next day. Their odds of doing that were greater whether they wound up back home, in a cell, or at St. Vincent de Paul's shelter. In nicer weather, they are still vulnerable as prey to those who might rob them, beat them, or worse.
"2 on LaBelle" pretty much summed up my own position as to the safety, security, health, and aesthetic issues involved, and I'll continue both to ask for police assistance, and to contribute to groups like St. Vincent so that professionals and trained amateurs can address the obvious and underlying issues and needs of these folks effectively.

To pubgirl: Scarlett, your house is lovely, and a major improvement for McClure Street! And, thanks to BobbieP for letting you know about petfinder!
It is very possible to get big dogs that are very loving and protective of their families, but not in the least vicious. Motion-sensing lighting helps, too.

To 2 on LaBelle: You're very welcome, and thank YOU for expressing the problem so well!
An effective Neighborhood Watch means formalizing shifts/hours/days/routes/backups (for illness, vacations, etc.), having a "call tree" for contacts within the neighborhood, and a plan on who/what/how to contact the appropriate folks for help. We would certainly need several active participants per block and perhaps a few for random patrols (such as dogwalkers like me, or those who work odd hours). I am rarely available to attend the monthly meetings, but to guage interest in this, might you be willing to introduce the idea at the next meeting and engage the police representative in providing information that could be shared via the newsletter?