Friday, February 2, 2007

SAH Social

The next social event will be Game Night on February 3, 2007 at 7:00pm.

This will take place at Joe Mercer's home at 26 High St. Keep an eye out for the flyer and start thinking of games that you can bring to share. This will be a bring-a-dish event and drinks will be provided by your social committee.

As always, ice is provided by Dayton's Original Pizza Factory, so don't forget to show your support by ordering your favorite pizza from them. Their number is 224-4477. Your Social Chairs, Rebecca Manger 304-9634 and Chris Sidner 227-3490 Don't hesitate to call one of us if you would like to open your home for a St. Anne's Social Event.


Mattie McCraig said...

All of you who wish not to play games can still come and socialize. This event has always been a fun time for all who have attended in the past, and a great casual social for mid-winter. I am up for Pictionary again - and I'm not a sore loser, just not a fast artist...!
This is the first time I have used a blog - go figure.

MaryLou said...

Thanks, Bobbie, for this Blog! You are so creative. Blogging is new to me and I love it. MaryLou