Thursday, February 8, 2007

Another Cool Link About SAH

Our friend who does all the research brought the following link to our attention. This one is about the corner stores in and near St. Anne's Hill.

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Bill Pote said...

Hello fellow urban dwellers,

My wife and I live downtown, and we love urban living in Dayton - so much that we started a website to promote everything that is happening in our urban neighborhoods: Dayton

We have info on all of Dayton's historic districts, including St. Anne's Hill. Please take a look when you can; we know that we do not have a complete list of venues in St. Anne's Hill, and we'd appreciate it if any of you would let us know about places we are missing.

And yes, I'm also part of the Urban Ohio community, talking up Dayton every chance I get. Jeff has posted some great info on that site, and his passion for urban Dayton history is inspiring.

Good Luck in St. Anne's Hill - you have a fantastic neighborhood!

-Bill Pote