Friday, August 29, 2008

Crime Prevention

There has been some neighborhood concern about crime lately. Just so everyone is aware, here are a few of the things going on in our neighborhood that everyone is welcome to participate in:

1. Monthly meetings - The next meeting is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 at 7 pm in the Liederkranz basement. Almost every month we have Police officers on hand to provide information and take notice of your concerns. This is YOUR best chance to talk face-to-face with the Police. This month we will have a special guest from the County Sheriff's office to discuss their sex offender programs.

2. Neighborhood Watch - There is a small group of dedicated people (and a few friendly dogs) who are walking, driving, or biking the streets at night to help keep the neighborhood safe. If EVERYONE just took 10 minutes to walk around the neighborhood each day or night, we would be a safer (and heathier) place.

3. Call Tree - This has recently been revived to help make sure we get the attention we need when there is a problem. Send an email to to sign up!

4. Newsletter - Besides all the articles and neighborhood updates, there is contact information for every possible problem you might have. And if it's not there, someone will find it if you just ask. If you have ideas, contribute an article.

Communication and collaboration are two keys to preventing crime. Here are some tips for protecting your home. Always call 333-COPS if you see anything remotely suspicious.

The Board of Directors for the Historic Society is looking into some additional security measures. If anyone has specific suggestions or would like to get involved, please post a comment or email with your thoughts.

Get involved!

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