Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Census Data

The 2000 Census seems like a long time ago, but there is a lot of interesting information to be found. Block by block, you can break down the statistics and get a snapshot of the neighborhood.

St. Anne's Hill is within Dayton's Census Tract 19, which runs from Third Street to Keowee, to Route 35, and up McClure and Terry Streets. So it isn't exactly the same as the Historic District boundaries, but it's pretty close. It includes Bomberger Park, some businesses and a small portion of the Huffman Historic District.

In the year 2000....

The median age was 35 years old.
50% of the homes were owner-occupied.
50% of adults were married.
45% of our neighborhood was female.
12% of our neighborhood was minorities.
35% were born outside of Ohio.
12% were born outside of the United States.

30% had Bachelor's Degrees.
7% had Master's Degrees.
The median household income was $37,344.
44% of working adults had a commute less than 15 minutes.

In 2010, we'll find out how the neighborhood has changed!

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