Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Nineteen is a magic number this month! On July 19, we'll have 2 special neighborhood events.

First is the semi-annual Alley Sweep, where neighbors help neighbors get rid of all their junk. The City provides the garbage truck and everybody piles trash inside. I'm sure some of it will be leftovers from the Trash 'N' Treasure sale last week. Volunteers will be rewarded with breakfast AND lunch.

That evening is the monthly social we know and love as the PPD - Porch, Patio, and Deck party. This is a progressive dinner of sorts, where three or four neighbors offer up their yards for a fun night out. There is a nominal cost to cover the food and drink.

If any of that sounds like a fun way to spend 19 hours or so, then contact us or watch for a flyer on your doorstep with more information. If not, I'll suggest that you wear your St. Anne's Hill t-shirt proudly at the Air Show.


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