Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vinegar Hill

The Dayton Daily News wrote a nice article about our latest public art project, now known as the Vinegar Hill Sculpture.   We wrote about it in a previous post on this blog.    Here's a bit from the DDN story....
The orchards that were part of the Fifth Street landscape in 1834 were covered with green trees dotted with red apples.
There used to be a very strong vinegar odor from those orchards just east of Keowee Street. The new “Vinegar Hill” sculpture, about 160 pounds of steel, serves to remind visitors to the St. Anne’s Historic District of that fact.
Nationally known sculptor Hamilton Dixon created the eye-catching marker with the help of 19-year-old Bakumba “BK” Elias and K12 Gallery for Young People students Tom Brotherton, Edward Finnicum and Cleveland Sumerlin.
The article also mentioned "The 1600 Group" project at the former American Saloon....
“We bought the building at the end of October last year and hired a painting crew. We are looking for more investors to finish the inside,” said 1600 Group member Joe Dierkers, who is restoring an 1853 house the next street over. “We’re hoping someone will start a restaurant or a tavern for a neighborhood gathering place.”

... and there's a photo of the artists along with a great bunch of neighbors who came out to celebrate the new sculpture!

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