Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wright-Patt AFB

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) is an important part of the Dayton region.   Here in St. Anne's Hill historic district, we have several members of our community who work on or near the Base.   That's why we were excited to learn that WPAFB won an award for their efforts in historic preservation.  

Check out this excerpt from the Dayton Business Journal....
The environmental branch of the 88th Air Base Wing Civil Engineering Directorate at the base was one of nine winners of the 2011 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards. The branch won the award — announced Tuesday — for cultural resources management across an installation.

Among its recent accomplishments, the branch:
• Worked with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the National Park Service to find a creative way to offset adverse effects of an essential Explosive Ordnance Disposal Proficiency Training Range, which is next to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field National Historic Landmark;
• Surveyed more than 8,000 acres at the base for archaeological resources, identifying three additional significant archaeological sites;
• Worked to preserve a 120 foot historic wind tunnel; and
• Collaborated with a private historical architect to produced a historic preservation guide book for civil engineers. The guide book thoroughly defines the features so that base architects and design engineers can maintain the cultural heritage of Wright-Patt.

Of course, we all know that Wright-Patt is named for the Wright Brothers, who invented flight right here in Dayton, Ohio.    So you have to think that they probably spent some time in St. Anne's Hill, too!


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