Monday, January 24, 2011

K12 News

There's more great news reported by the DDN about the K12 Gallery For Young People, located in Downtown Dayton:

For more than 17 years, the K12 Gallery for Young People has helped kids grow from creating stick figures, to still lifes, to designing large-scale murals. Now the gallery itself is growing. The current 3,000-square-foot gallery on Third Street is expanding; knocking down an 18-inch brick wall has added 2,500 square feet.
The gallery is managed by one of the many artists who live in St. Anne's Hill....

We needed $20,000,” said K12 founder and executive director Jerri Stanard.
“I helped Jerri type up the original grant request for K12. She is a great friend, and has managed K12 so well,” Janet Shuff said.
“The gallery has grown from an idea to this big business that serves the community in a unique way.”
As the major contributors, the Shuffs received naming rights for the new space. Thus, TEJAS (Teen Educational and Joint Adult Studio) was born.
“What Jerri’s doing at K12 is a wonderful thing. She manages the artistic and business end of it beautifully,” Shuff said. “She has such a heart for kids.”

 Just another reason to join our community in St. Anne's Hill!

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