Monday, September 13, 2010

Return of St. Ann

Here's an interesting story from the DDN that's not exactly about the neighborhood, but provides a different  perspective to our blog post about the old St. Ann's maternity ward here in Dayton.  An excerpt...

“In July of 1930, during the Great Depression, my mother had a bouncing baby girl at St. Elizabeth Hospital. It was me.  I have always been told that my mother was hoping for a son, and was ready with some possible boy names for the new baby. She was apparently surprised when I turned out to be a girl.  She always told the family she didn’t know what name to pick for me, and that someone suggested that she name me after the hospital where I was born, so my mom named me Elizabeth Ann.”
St. Elizabeth Hospital and St. Ann’s Maternity Hospital were adjacent to each other along the southwest side of the Great Miami River not far from downtown Dayton.
 Interestingly, our blog stats indicate that the post about the maternity hospital is among the most popular on this site!   I still can't help wondering if there is some connection lost in history...

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