Monday, August 17, 2009

Give Peace a Chance!

Friday's Dayton Daily News had another nice article that highlighted a new neighbor in St. Anne's Hill. Check it out!

The Missing Peace Art Space opens Sept. 4 at 234 S. Dutoit St. in a 1900 carriage-house building that stood vacant and trashed for years. Near Fifth Street and across from Stivers School for the Arts, the two-story structure has been beautifully renovated by Steve Fryburg and Gabriela Pickett and their friends.

Now here is the best part....

Next, there is the possibility of bringing a fresh new perspective to the St. Anne’s Hill district, with the addition of a new art gallery. With Stivers and the High Street gallery nearby, and the Front Street artists’ colony a stone’s throw away, it would be neat to see this neighborhood emerge as a livelier, busier Dayton art spot.

“St. Anne’s Hill wants to become more of a culturally active area with the arts,” Pickett said. “We think we’re part of that.”

Keep your eyes here for more great things happening on the Hill!

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