Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruskin & UD

Thanks to an anonymous source (... okay, it was me), we learned that the summer edition of the University of Dayton alumni magazine featured an inspiring article about Ruskin School (p 16).

The school is located just across the McClure Street bridge in the Twin Towers neighborhood, but also serves the children of St. Anne's Hill and the surrounding area.
Here is an excerpt:

That children and teachers were spending from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on their spring-break days in school preparing for standardized tests had much to do with the school becoming an intrinsic part of the neighborhood. A sign in a commons area proclaimed: “Change the Streets. Study.” A message being sent to the students, said Devon Berry, a 2007 UD master’s in education grad and Ruskin principal, was, “Nobody wants to send kids to a school with poor test scores.” If the students achieve, then people want to move into the neighborhood, and the streets indeed change.

What's the connection to UD? Besides the Principal being a UD alum, Ruskin School is supported by the University of Dayton's "Fitz Center for Leadership in the Community" and they work closely with the parents and teachers at the school. Their programs at Ruskin make them an important partner in our community.

Side note: this page has a great summary of how the new Ruskin School was built, as told by the architects, with an impressive investment of over $10 million by Dayton Public Schools.

So anyway, please take a moment to read this great article from UD Magazine about an important asset for our neighborhood.


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