Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Kings

We had a great turnout for the Mayor's Walk this week, and the new t-shirts were a big hit. The walk was fun and productive, and a great demonstration of the strong community we have in St. Anne's Hill.

Just for fun, here is a 1989 rock song that appears to mention the neighborhood!

Song: The Difference (in the garden of St. Anne's-on-the-Hill)
Artist: King's X
Album: Gretchen Goes To Nebraska

I walked through a garden in the morning
I walked right into a change
No words were spoken
just a feeling and I cannot explain

but I can feel the difference
I can feel the difference

wind it comes and it blows
where it comes from, I don't know
to look for a reason might just kill it

and I cannot explain
but I cannot explain
I can feel the difference
in the garden of St. Anne's-on-the-Hill

Remember, we have our big archive event coming up next!

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