Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grass cutters needed

Cutting grass is not gardening !

Debby, Barry, Jo Ann & company do a spendid job keeping our parks looking beautiful.

We are asking for more neighbors to get involved in that effort. One easy way
is to cut some grass ... Terry Park and Alice's gardem need to be mowed on a
weekly basis and here is a very easy solution. If a few volunteers take an hour
out of one week, once a month, for the summer - Job done

Please respond if you can help

Terry Park (5th & Terry)
Week 1 - Tom Alen
Week 2 - Bob Ellis
Week 3 - Your name here
Week 4 - Your name here
Week 5 - ditto

Alice's Garden
Bob Wolfe
Chris Galentine
Jim DeWeese
Week 4 - Your name here

Please add to the posting if you care to help , or give me a call !

Tom Allen

1 comment:

pubgirl said...

Grass Cutter for Alice's Garden

Tim, I will take week #4, can you give me a date on that?

Scarlett Ellis